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EagleBurgmann makes a decisive contribution to ensuring that customers from numerous industries have their fabrics completely under control.

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Our most important material: Know-how

Every sealing point has its own requirements. From the selection of the product, its type, the utilized materials and the method of its operation up to customized services, we are the competent contact for our customers.


Company profile

Always on the move

EagleBurgmann Japan is the competent contact for industrial sealing technology and associated services in Japan for more than 50 years. Approximately 800 employees in Niigata factory and 6 regional sales offices and service centers guarantee customer-oriented and rapid services.


Our history

  • Mar 1989: Eagle Machine Works Co., Ltd. ("EMW") was established.
  • May 1991: EMW started manufacturing mechanical seals for industrial use.
  • Jan 1994: EMW started manufacturing bellows seals.
  • Feb 1996: Eagle Precision Co., Ltd. ("EPC") was established.
  • Aug 1996: EPC started designing and manufacturing welded metal bellows.
    EMW started designing and manufacturing mechanical seals for industrial use, gas seals and rotary joints and manufacturing mechanical seals for power plants.
  • Aug 1997: EPC started designing and manufacturing mechanical seals for agitators and diaphragm couplings.
  • Apr 1998: EMW and EPC were merged into Niigata Eagle Co., Ltd.
  • Mar 1999: ISO9001 certified
  • Aug 2003: ISO14001 certified
  • Oct 2004: Business alliance was started with Burgmann (Germany) and the company name was changed to EagleBurgmann Co., Ltd.
  • Jan 2006: The company name was changed to EagleBurgmann Japan Co., Ltd. ("EBJ")
  • Nov 2007: EBJ absorbed EagleBurgmann Techno Co., Ltd.
  • Jan 2008: EBJ started manufacturing general purpose mechanical seals.
  • Apr 2012: EagleBurgmann Mascot India Pvt. Ltd. was established to manufacture supply systems (pumps auxiliary equipment, coolers, reservoir tanks).
  • Oct 2012: Global Techncial Center was established in Saitama, Japan.
  • Dec 2013: New factory of EagleBurgmann Mascot India Pvt. Ltd. was established in Thane, India.
  • Mar 2017: EagleBurgmann Japan won the 21st. Technical Awards of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The fascination of sealing technology

The development of sealing technology is closely related to industrial progress. Then-Today-Tomorrow: Nearly all machines and systems need to be sealed reliably and securely – either dynamically or statically. Seals are consequently relevant to function and safety and assume the role of a key component in industrial plants.


The EagleBurgmann group

Sealing technology for plants and machines

EagleBurgmann is one of the worldwide leading providers of industrial sealing technology. Mechanical seals, seal supply systems, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints, gaskets and packings as well as comprehensive services are used wherever reliability and safety are needed.

Mechanical seals and more

Sealing technology by EagleBurgmann is used worldwide in oil and gas industries, refineries, the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries. Close to 6,000 employees provide their ideas, solutions, and commitment so that customers can rely on our sealing technology.

What makes us stand out is our excellent quality, great innovative capacity, and an extensive product portfolio for nearly all industrial processes and fields of application. Our product portfolio includes everything from mechanical seals and seal supply systems to magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints, and gaskets and packings as well as comprehensive services. Since we are part of the German Freudenberg and Japanese EKK group, we have all the necessary resources for a firmly based reliable partnership.


Dry running successfully

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