A guide to a safer and more reliable operation of compressors

Compressor, Process, Seals and Gas supply: Each component is potentially involved in a successful and safe compressor operation. Only an optimal constructive and operational relationship will ensure a high level of system availability and efficiency.

And still, production operation can repeatedly run into critical or subpar conditions that disrupt the interaction of the cited factors. The consequences are product loss, stand-stills or repairs. Such faults can be categorized into different themes.

10 Cases with indications, causes and remedies

Seal contamination

Case 01  Lube oil migration from bearing into dry gas seal

Case 02  Seal contamination in dynamic operation

Case 03  Seal contamination during pressurized stand-still

Operation issues

Case 04  Operation in contact mode (low speed)

Case 05  Operation in contact mode with dry nitrogen

Case 06  Dry running of wet pump seals in media with low vapor margin

Case 07  Low reliability of piston seal gas booster

Leakage | Loss of product

Case 08  Methane emissions while compressor stands still

Case 09  Excessive loss of process gas

Case 10  Outdated oil seals with high leakage and high power consumption