Simpler, more economical, longer lasting: DF-SA with DiamondFace technology for boiler feed water pumps

There is no chance of electrochemical corrosion with the diamond-coated high-performance DF-SA seal. The technology not only makes dosing systems superfluous, but is also characterized through outstanding operational performance. DF-SA mechanical seals are perfectly coordinated to the powerful feed water pumps and available for all fossil and nuclear power stations.


Less friction of the DiamondFace seal faces and reduced power consumption as a result.

Within five years the DF-SA mechanical seals can save costs of up to 40 % and more.

DF-SA mechanical seals reach operating periods of up to 40,000 hours and more. They therefore have the same maintenance intervals as pump bearings or balancing elements, for example.

Resistant against electrochemical corrosion in feed water pumps (electrical potential is removed over the seal faces).

Cooling circuit no longer requires conditioning.